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The Interlaken Walking Tours were established in 2014 and are part of Outdoor Interlaken. In the coming weeks, we will post interviews with the guides of the Interlaken Walking Tour team and we start with one of our senior guides.

So what is your name and what are you currently doing?

My name is Florian Simmler and I’m currently studying civil engineering which I will finish this September. I’ll start working as a civil engineer in January.

Where do you call home these days?

During the week I live in Rapperswil where I study, but every weekend when I come back to Interlaken and see that beautiful setting I know exactly that I belong here.

How did you become a guide at Interlaken Walking Tours?

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time I guess ???? When Viktor started running the Pub Crawls he needed someone to help him out. So I started guiding in the first weeks of the Pub Crawl and still loving it. ????

What is the worst job you ever had and why?

When I worked in construction I once had to remove a pipe that used to be connected to a toilet. It took a long time, because the pipe was hard to reach and I finally had to smash it with a hammer.. Well, there was still a good amount of waste in it that got distributed all around the room.

If you would take a girl on a date and want to show her your favorite spot, where would you go?

I guess the first date would be pretty spontaneous, but sooner or later I will bring her to the Oberhornsee, which is one of my favorite places on earth.

Can you imagine living in another country, if yes which country would it be?

No. At least not a lot longer than 1-2 years.

What is the scariest situation you got yourself into?

Again when I worked in construction, there were a few moments where I was pretty lucky not to get hurt badly or even worse.. Those situations were scary after they happened.

During my South America trip I lost my passport in Argentina, that was pretty scary as well, because we wanted to catch a flight to Brazil the next day.

What is the longest period you’ve been without a shower?

During a trekking tour in Finland last year – 6 days without a shower, I guess I smelled really good.

Describe your life using film titles?

A series of unfortunate events, Stranger than fiction, Dumb and dumber, Planet of the apes, From dusk till dawn, Hangover.. I can’t think of something deep and serious ????


What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

Being me. Sometimes I’m surprised how funny I am.

What languages do you speak?

Swiss-German, German, English, French and a tiny bit of Spanish.

What is the best thing about being born and raised in Interlaken?

Interlaken is a mixture between city and the countryside. It only takes me 10 minutes to get out to the woods or the lake to play. On the other hand you can find almost everything you need that you would find in a city.

Thank you for the interview, what are you up to this summer?

Studying for my exams, guide a few tours and maybe go on some 1-2-day trips.

Interested in meeting Flo in person and checking out Interlaken?

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